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    1. Purpose

    AR Central Closeout Corp is committed to maintaining an accessible environment for persons with disabilities. We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that our services to persons with disabilities are consistent with the following principles:

    • Services are provided in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities;
    • Persons with disabilities are able to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in a similar way as other staff or visitors; and
    • Persons with disabilities have opportunities equal to others to obtain, use and benefit from our goods or services.

    2. Application of Policy

    This policy applies to services that are provided to the public. The policy applies to all staff and visitors at AR Central Closeout Corp premises and its websites.

    3. Providing Goods and Services to Persons with Disabilities

    We are committed to excellence in serving all visitors, including persons with disabilities, and will carry out our functions and responsibilities by:

    • Communicating with persons with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.
    • Serving persons with disabilities who use assistive devices, ensuring that persons with disabilities who are accompanied by their guide dog or other service animals are permitted to enter the premises of AR Central Closeout Corp with the animal and to keep the animal with them.
    • Ensuring that persons with disabilities who are accompanied by a support person are permitted to enter AR Central Closeout Corp premises with their support person. 
    • Assist people with disabilities to interact with our website, answer questions about products, purchase process, payments methods, shipments and any additional questions related to the services we provide.

    4. Information and communications

    AR Central Closeout Corp will continue to take the following steps to ensure our websites conforms with WCAG 2.0, Level A for September 2020.

    • Review available and new content and ensure it is up to date with WCAG 2.0., Level A
    • Make any amendments as necessary

    AR Central Closeout Corp has taken the following steps to make ensure existing communication needs and feedback processes are accessible to people with disabilities upon request:

    • 5. Accessibility APP

    AR Central Closeout Corp is committed to help persons with disabilities use our websites.

    According to this, we have installed in our websites an APP designed for this purpose.

    Main goal for Accessibility app is:

    • Make the site readable. 
    • Add a reading line and tooltips to text. 
    • Make fonts more readable and links more noticeable.
    • Enlarge/ decrease size of Content. 
    • Enlarge cursor or add bigger text.
    • Adjust colors. Change brightness, contrast and grayscale of site.
    • Text to voice. A robot will read the content of page to you.

    To access the accessibility APP use the icon that appears in all pages into our website.

    6. Feedback process

    AR Central Closeout Corp welcomes any feedback regarding the methods we use to provide services to persons with disabilities. Individuals may provide their feedback in person, by telephone, in writing, or by e-mail to:

    We will review and assess all feedback received with respect to accessibility practices and policies. If the feedback is in the nature of a complaint, the comment(s) or allegation(s) will be investigated, unless they are made in bad faith, or are frivolous or vexatious. When investigating complaints, those staff who directly interacted with the complainant or those who would typically interact with the complainant, if any, will be asked to comment on the allegation(s) made in the complaint. After reviewing and investigating a complaint, we will provide a written response to the individual who provided the feedback. Responses shall be provided within a reasonable amount of time and will depend on the complexity of the issues raised.

    7. Modifications to this policy

    Modifications to this or other policies Changes will not be made to this policy unless the impact of the changes on persons with disabilities has been considered. Any Shopify policy that does not respect and promote the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities will be modified or removed.

    8. Questions about this policy

    If anyone has a question about the policy, or if its purpose is not understood, please contact us. Shopify welcomes suggestions from staff for improving this policy and the manner in which we provide services to persons with disabilities.